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Quiz Section: ____ Name:___________________ Quiz #6 November 13, 2008 Score: ____ out of 10 points 1. (1 point) What does it mean to say something is a “strong” acid, in terms of its K a value? 2. Calculate the pH of the following solutions: a. (1 point) An aqueous solution with pOH = 3.5 b. (2 points) 1.0x10 -2 M KOH in water c. (2 points) 5 *10 -3 mol HNO 3
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Unformatted text preview: in 100. mL water 3. (2 points) Calculate the H + (aq) concentration for 1.0 *10-2 M acetic acid solution in water (K a for acetic acid = 1.8 *10-5 ). What is this solution’s pH? 4. (2 points) Calculate the OH-(aq) concentration for a 0.25 M solution of a certain weak base in water, for which K b = 1.00x10-10 . What is this solution’s pH?...
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