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Unformatted text preview: pleted foryouasanexample. Name Symbol Z A # of neutrons # of electrons boron10 oxygen16 10 + Group Activity 2: Atomic Structure, Atoms and Ions, Naming Compounds 5 B 5 9 10 19 39 5 20 4 18 8 10 19 40 20 Ca2+ 1of4 Chem142,Autumn2011 Name_____________________________ 2.A.Foreachatomicsymbolbelow,writethename;foreachname,writethe symbol. Symbol Name P potassium Cl zinc Fe bromine B.Indicatewhichion(s)thefollowingelementsusuallyform. Symbol Ion(s) Na S Ca F Cu C.Indicatethetypeofbond(ionicorcovalent)expectedineachofthefollowing compounds. Compo...
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