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Chemistry 145A, Autumn 2011 Course staff (this week) Reinhardt, Cox, Lehner, Bingham Assignment #2 for the week of Oct 3rd Read all of Chapter 4, especially 4.5 to the end, including the deeper look material, and review Section 1.3 of chapter 1. This is a great opportunity to “review” this material, on atomic theory and gas laws, which will occur over and over in the honors sequence! And the 2 nd half of Chapter 4 will be new material for most students. Problem Set #2, due Friday Oct 7 7h , by 5pm in mail box #1 out side of the Chem. Study Center in the Bagley Hall 330. Late sets will be half credit, if received BEFORE solutions are posted at noon Monday, Oct 11th, after which they will receive “0”. From Chapter 1, work problem 41, a review problem requiring some thought! From Chapter 4: Problems 44, 45, 46, 49, 50 And work the following “additional problem:” Read over Oxtoby Problem 42 from Chapter 4.
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Unformatted text preview: Since the writing of this Text, gases have been trapped at temperatures of 10. pico-Kelvin. A pico-Kelvin is 10-12 o K, exactly. a) Compute the RMS (root mean square) speeds of Na atoms at these two temperatures, that of problem 42, and the new lower record low temperature for a gas of Na atoms at a temperature of 1.0 x10-11 o K, in meters/sec and miles/hour, for these two trapped gases. b) How long (in seconds) would it take an average RMS speed Na atom to cross our class room, BAG 261 at a kinetic energy corresponding to 10. pico-Kelvin =1.0 x 10-11 o K? What would the same time be for a room temperature Na atom? You will need to make a reasonable estimate of the size of Bagley 261; be sure to state what that estimate is, in meters. You make take Room Temperature as 298 o K. c)With the data as given, to how may significant figures should you present your answers?...
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