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Chemistry 145A, Autumn, 2011 Staff: Reinhardt, Lehner, Cox, Bingham Two notes: the review problems due at the beginning of lecture on WED will be called “Assignment #0;” all Oxotby references, page #s, problem #s refer to the 5 th edition of “Principles of Modern Chemistry, “ by Oxtoby, Gillis, Nachtrieb , which is our text book. Assignment #1 (20 points): Please read (should be review) Sections 1-4 of Oxtoby Chapter 4, pp 94-108 (top), then (more slowly) read Sections 5-7, which is the material to be covered next week, and on Problem Set #2. Problem Set #1 Due in Mail Box #1 outside the CHEM STUDY CENTER, BAG 330, on Friday, Sept . 30, 2011 by 5:00pm, or before . This is a “short” set and assignment, as it is due in “two days,” but will still count 20
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Unformatted text preview: points. IN Oxtoby Ch 4 (pages 124,126) work problems 32, 34, 38, 40, and 71 And work the following “additional problem”: A) In problem 38, above, what are the partial pressures of each species, and the overall “ total pressure ,” if the reaction is being carried out as described, and if the initial pressure (before any reaction takes place) was P = 0.10 atm, at T = 150 o C. Do your calculation at the same “certain point” in the course of the reaction as discussed in problem 38! B) Also calculate the total volume of the system, at this “same, certain point” in the reaction. You may assume ideal behavior of all gases, and that all species are indeed gasses under the conditions described....
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