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Chemistry 145A Autumn 2011 Reinhardt, Cox, Lehner, Bingham, course staff Assignment for the week of Oct 10th and problem set #3 This week we will finish up Chapter 4, all of which has already been assigned, so, do finish it up, and start Oxtoby CH 5. This is a short chapter, which we will finish up quite quickly, perhaps even starting this Friday, so please take a look. REMINDERS: Solutions for Set #2, to be posted Monday afternon, Oct 11th, on the Catalyst GO POST Site. Note that GO POST is “inside” the CHEM145A Common Space Public Workspace. If you have logged directly into Catalyst via MyUW, the 2011 CHEM 145A GO POST will be one of your listed workspaces, and you may access it directly, OR on the inside of the CHEM145A 2011 WORKSPACE. Either will take you to the same “site”. Lab #2, Tuesday, Oct 11th ….don't forget to write up your prelab outline, which you will have “checked off and initialled” by your TA at the start of Lab, but then may keep as your working outline, and you may then hand it
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