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Chem145A_HomeworkSet#0'11 - Oxtoby(above edition Problems...

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Problem Set #0 Due at the start of Class, Sept. 28 th , 2011, Bagley Hall Room 261 CHEM 14H5A, 2011 Pre-Quarter Reading & Warm-up Problem Set CHEM 145 in the autumn of 2011 will start with a BANG . All students who are entering CHEM 145 by AP chemistry scores of 4 or 5, IB scores of 5, 6, or 7 on the High Level chemistry exam, or by passing the CHEM 145 Placement Exam need to review Chapters 1,2, Ch 3, Sections 1-6, and Ch 4 Sections 1-4, and Ch 6, Section 1 in the CHEM 145 Oxtoby textbook. The textbook is Oxtoby, Gillis, Nachtreib, Principles of Modern Chemistry , Thompson 5 th Edition. All of this material should be quite familiar! After reviewing the material, ALL STUDENTS should work the following problems, which are to be handed in on the first day of class in the autumn! This will be Chemistry 145 problem Set #0, and will count 30 points, as even though it is review material, it is longer than most sets will be!
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Unformatted text preview: Oxtoby (above edition) Problems: Ch 1: # 26,28 Problems: Ch 2: # 14,20,22,38 Problems: Ch 3: # 18,28,44,66 Problems: Ch 4: #7,17,22,30 Problems: Ch 6: # 6,8,11,14 Also please note: the “co-requisite” of either passing “out of Math 124 or 125”, or being enrolled in Math 124, 125 in parallel, or one step ahead of Chem 145, 155 is mandatory for enrollment in Chem 145, and then Chem 155, is a serious qualification for enrollment in Honors First Year Chemistry, unless this requirement is waived by the instructor. So far I have waived this requirement for exactly “one student,” following an extensive one on one discussion last week. So if you are not co-enrolled in Math 124 or 125 as appropriate, or passed out of both, please do find a Math Section ASAP, or speak to me in office hours this Friday, or your will may find yourself “un-enrolled” from CHEM. 145H....
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