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CHEM 145 Autumn 2011 Date Lab Check out from Stockroom October 4 th #1: Molecular Models Model kits October 11 th #2: Physical Measurements/Error Analysis Nothing October 18 th #3: Determination of % copper in a compound Nothing #3: Stoichiometry: Reaction of Iron (II) with 1,10-Phenanthroline October 25 th hour exam #1 "in the LAB" November 1st #4: Molar mass of a low boiling point liquid
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Unformatted text preview: Exchange gas density flasks November 8 th #5: Thermochemistry 10ml vol flask, 50ml buret, LabPro w/temp probe November 15 th #6: Distillation (meets in CHB 121 & 127) November 22nd hour dexam #2 "in the LAB" November 29th #7: Determination of Vapor Pressure LabPro w/temp & pH probes Model Kit...
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