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Discussion Section Questions-11-29

Discussion Section Questions-11-29 - 11.29.11 Discussion...

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11.29.11 Discussion Section Questions; Simple Quantum Calulations and the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle 1) Consider an electron in a 3d orbital in hydrogen a) For an electron in this orbital, give the quantum numbers: If more than one quantum number is possible, give all possible values. Answer: for 3d, n=3. The letter d indicates . The quantum number m l has five possibilities b) Calculate the orbital energy of an electron in the 3d orbital of hydrogen. How many orbitals have this energy? Answer: Five orbitals have this energy. That is, 3d orbital state is five-fold degenerate. c) Calculate the orbital angular momentum of a 3d electron. You can give your answer in units of . Answer: c) Calculate the values for the z components of the angular momentum Lz. Here also you can give you answer in units of : Answer: d) Extra Problem: Using your results from parts c and d, sketch the quantized orientations of the 3d electron’s orbital angular momentum. It is OK to give a flat sketch with lengths in units of .
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