midterm 2 key - Chem 152A Fall 2011 Exam II key Section:_...

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1 Chem 152A Fall 2011 Exam II key Section:______________ (AA, AB, etc.) Name:__________________________________ Seat:_________________ Student #:__________________ You will have 50 minutes to complete this examination. Useful information and one sheet of scratch paper are provided at the end of this exam. Feel free to remove the last pages if convenient. You do not need to turn theem in with the exam. Do NOT use equations that you have stored in your calculator. Use of your calculator in this fashion is academic dishonesty, and will be treated accordingly. Write your answers in pen. Answers in pencil will not be re-graded. No partial credit is given for Section 1 answers. Section 2 problems may be graded for partial credit IF a calculation is shown in the space provided. Otherwise it will be graded on an all-or-nothing basis. Problems 3 and 4 will both be graded for partial credit. But list your final numeric answers in the spaces provided. Write clearly. Show units. They are part of the answer.
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Section 1:___________(20 pts) Section 2:___________(28 pts) Problem 3:___________(26 pts) Problem 4:___________(26 pts) Total :___________(100 pts) Section 1: Multiple Choice Questions: (5 pts. each). Please CIRCLE the correct answer(s). (1a). Indicate which of the following quantities and circumstances require quantization to correctly explain. A. Black Body radiation at high frequencies (i.e. short wavelengths); B. The heat capacity of a monatomic gas at room temperature; C. The heat capacity of an atomic crystal just above T=0K; D. Atomic emission spectra; (1b) Which of the following oxidation-reduction reactions is going on in your car battery if you turn the engine off but leave the headlights on? A.
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midterm 2 key - Chem 152A Fall 2011 Exam II key Section:_...

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