237B-Aut2011 syllabus rev

237B-Aut2011 syllabus rev - CHEM 237B Autumn 2011 Schedule,...

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1 CHEM 237B Autumn 2011 Schedule, Additional Information, Reading Assignments Classes meet MWF 3:30 in Kane 120; Instructor: Niels Andersen Office hours, rm CHB204E: M, W, Th 12:50 – 1:40 // by appointment Tues., 5:45 – 6:45 PM. ( andersen@chem.washington.edu ) I do answer questions sent by e-mail, typically within hours Quiz sections, all on Tuesday’s, meet every week. TAs: quiz section instructors will announce office hours): at uw.edu - Gower (BA,BC,BG,BK – gowerc@ ), Dixon (BB,BE,BI,BL – bdixon@ ), Pilkerton (BD,BH,BM,BO – mpilkert@ ), Byrne (BF,BJ,BN,BP – aimee9@u.washington.edu ). Class website : go to http://depts.washington.edu/chem/courses/ and click on Chem 237B in the Autumn 2011 list. Winter ‘06 provides the set of lecture notes from which I will be lecturing. These will likely be updated and reposted. The earlier versions of my CHEM237 course pages ( Aut09/10, Win08/06 listings ) also provide numerous example tests and quizzes. All reading assignments are from the text, Carey/Giuliano; “Organic Chemistry” 8 th Ed. (Note you can get by with the 7 th, , or probably even the 6 th ,edition) For the 7 th and 8 th ed., specific sections within chapters that will not be covered on tests will be indicated on the course web page, as the quarter progresses. Suggested study problems (7 th th ed.) will be listed for each chapter. The coverage handouts, which will be posted, will indicate the problems in the text that are candidates for inclusion on tests and quizzes. The coverage will be Chapters 1 – 9. So, we’ll need to cover about one chapter per week. There will be NO graded homework. Models are useful [HGS Molecular Struc Model Kit (Freeman and Co.) available on-line] . Preview -- Most Important stuff from the first three chapters [ xx, xx, are pages in 7 th ed.] Valency (how many bonds different atoms make, Resonance and Lewis Structures (Table 1.2, Fig. 1.5, Table 1.6, prob. 1.15 [1.16] ), Arrow pushing mechanisms (p. 29-32, 39-40 [33-5, 46]
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This note was uploaded on 01/18/2012 for the course CHEM 237B taught by Professor Andersen during the Fall '11 term at University of Washington.

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237B-Aut2011 syllabus rev - CHEM 237B Autumn 2011 Schedule,...

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