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DISASTER PREPAREDNESS: PAPER: “PERSONAL EMERGENCY AND DISASTER PLAN” - INSTRUCTIONS The purpose of this paper is to develop a personal plan for the disaster threats you may face as an IUB student. The paper is to be written as a useable plan for you to be prepared for the various disasters that may occur in this area. You must include the threat of natural disasters (tornadoes, blizzards, earthquakes, floods or epidemics); the threat of accidental disasters (fires, hazardous material releases, Infrastructure failures, etc.) and the threat of intentional disasters (campus shootings, bombings, cyber attacks, etc). Be sure to include secondary events such as loss of water supplies, loss of electrical power, fires, etc. that may result from or cause the disaster. Do not write about a single disaster threat as you did in the midterm paper. This is to be a comprehensive personal disaster/emergency plan. The paper is to be written in your words as a persuasive document, that is, you are to convince me that the natural, accidental and intentional disaster threats you cite are real. Justify your opinions by citing Internet websites, class notes or other sources and by developing the logic of your case. You may use quotations as long as they are limited, pertinent and properly cited. (See Syllabus for restrictions on plagiarism) The plan should include the steps you will take to prepare for and deal with the typical consequences of disasters such as structural collapse, loss of electricity, loss of heat,
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S317 paper instructions - DISASTER PREPAREDNESS: PAPER:...

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