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Lastname 1 Firstname Lastname Instructor’s Name Course Number 18 January 2012 How to motivate employees The success of any business can always be traced back to motivated personnel. This is a team that brings forth, controls and sustains certain behaviors that are of great benefit to an organization. Since not all employees can self motivate themselves, it is important to identify ways in which employees can be motivated in order to maximize their potential. Different employees have different ways in which they can be motivated as needs vary at personal level. One employee may be motivated by money while the other, recognition for a job well done. Yet another may work harder if she feels she is being treated well. Therefore it is best to know what your employees want and how best you can provide what they need, and by doing so expect more from them starting from increased productivity, better quality products and services. Motivation makes people gain positive perspective, achieve goals, create the power to change, manage their own development, build self-esteem and capability, as well help in the development of others. However, it may also have barriers that will need to be overcome like, employees developing a culture of working hard when they get paid
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How to motivate employees - Lastname 1 Firstname Lastname...

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