Introduction - Introduction The invitation of submitting a...

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Introduction The invitation of submitting a proposal for the design of a new upper school complex was a challenge for our firm. Education has a vital role to play in creating a fair and just society, building strong communities and developing knowledge based economy. Education is the route to equality of opportunity for all and can help people to release their potential not only during their time at school but also throughout their working lives. For that reason the design of a new school will be connected with a series of changes which are related to the surrounded area, the students and the school itself. The change both of the school’s administration and the school’s curriculum and the strong competition between the other private schools of Athens demands the design of a new school building. The new school has to be well designed and built, attractive and high quality. Design quality encompasses a number of issues but should include sustainability, flexibility and adaptability, and value for money. In addition the location of the site is reconstructed based on the new urban planning. For that reason the new school will be a hub between the residential buildings, the commercial buildings and the area of outdoor recreational and sporting facilities. The main concept of the proposal is based on the sustainability design. The microclimate of the interior spaces (ventilation, lighting, humidity) is a part of the design and is reflected in the drawings both of plans and elevations. In addition there is a possibility of installing solar panels on surfaces which will be attached on the roof and will be a part of the design. The solar panels will generate and supply electricity not only for the needs of the school building.
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Location and Orientation The location and the volumes of the building are based on the design of two axes. The axis b is related to the location of the existing school and it creates a visual connection with it and the axis a divides the site which has a north-south orientation in two parts. The second axis has been designed in order to create an interior courtyard where the school
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Introduction - Introduction The invitation of submitting a...

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