Avatar American Culture - Media Reaction Diversity,...

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Media Reaction Diversity, stereotypes and multiculturalism have and always will be a component of human nature. Looking back as far as the initial settlements in America to modern society, evidence if found everywhere; aspects of which have and will continue to be represented in the media. An example of such evidence is represented in the film ‘Avatar’. The film ‘Avatar’, released in 2009 was directed and written by James Cameron and won three Academy awards (20th_Century_Fox, 2009). Avatar plot summary In the distant future, a paraplegic war veteran, Jake, is brought to Pandora, another planet, inhabited by the indigenous race called the Na'vi, a race with their own language and culture. The visitors from Earth are battling with each other and the indigenous Na'vi culture. On Pandora, Jake learns of corporate greed represented by Parker Selfridge’s who has every intention of driving off the native Na'vi to mine for the precious material. Jake is offered surgery to fix his legs in exchange for gathering information for the military unit led by Colonel Quaritch, and simultaneously infiltrate the Na'vi people with the use of an "avatar" identity. During the infiltration process Jake bonds with the native tribe and falls in love with the beautiful alien, the restless Colonel
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Avatar American Culture - Media Reaction Diversity,...

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