Backlink articles - This task is very similar to writing...

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This task is very similar to writing CMS articles with all their peculiarities: keywords, titles, descriptions, etc. I understand that the differences between two types of articles are hard to notice at a glance so they’ll be highlighted with color for ease of use of these instructions. Rules of writing articles for web sites: 1. Size . The required word count of your articles is 300-350 words. Generally speaking, don’t write an article less than 300 words. 2. Titles . You are to write a title for your article. Every word should be capitalized with the only exception for articles and prepositions. For example: “Cover Page and Rules of Suspense”. The required size is 55-64 characters including spaces. Plus, the keyword (see below) should be placed in the very beginning of the title. 3. Keywords . When you are provided with the task, I give you keywords, not the topic. You are to choose the topic for your article yourself (it is very simple). Each of your articles should contain a fixed amount of given keywords; they should present 3-4% of the total word-count. Let us consider an example. You are provided with the following keywords: essay writing, writing an essay, writing student essay It is obvious that the topic of your article is something about essay writing. Imagine, that you have already written the article of 300 words. 300*0.03=9 This means that keywords should appear in your article not less than 9 times. Provided that you have 3 keywords ( essay writing , writing an essay and writing student essay ) each of them should appear at least 3 times in the text of your article. But do not write keyword heavy texts, it affects readability greatly! Try to keep the desired rate of approximately 3%. A side note about keywords: you can alter them a bit to improve the flow of your texts. You can: - Use singular/plural forms of keywords (e.g. student essay – student essays) - Change word order (e.g. term paper writing – writing term papers) - Introduce articles (writing student essays – writing a student essay) - Introduce prepositions (e.g. term paper outline – outline for term papers, biology essay – essay on biology). Note that initial keyword (i.e. without alterations and tweaks) should constitute at least 70% of the total keyword rate. Note : When your keyword contains numerals you should use it precisely as it is (that is, “100 page essay” instead of “one hundred page essay”) 4. Topics . The best topic to choose is a brief review or a how-to on various types of academic writing. Certainly, the topic should stick to the keywords you are presented with. I.e. if you are assigned to write about essay on chemistry do not discuss introduction, body, and conclusion, strong thesis statement, etc. Try to find out the peculiarities of writing about chemistry. As you know, every article should have something original: it can be an original idea, a simile of sorts. Taking into account the length of your articles (around 300 words) this requirement is optional
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Backlink articles - This task is very similar to writing...

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