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Practice Exam 1 - Exam 1 Tuesday Answer as many questions...

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Exam 1 Tuesday, October 27, 2009 Answer as many questions as you can in the time allowed. Please be as clear and concise as possible. 1. Zestril is a bestselling medication used to treat high blood pressure. a. Identify all the functional groups in morphine. Classify as primary, secondary, tertiary where relevant. b. Identify the most acidic site and the most basic site in Zestril (if more than one will be about the same, indicate that). Justify your choice. N H HO O O N HO O NH 2 2. Ethyl butyrate is a compound that smells strongly of banana. a. Ethyl butyrate is somewhat acidic. Draw its conjugate base. b. Ethyl butyrate can be deprotonated with NH 2 - . The K eq for this reaction is 10 10 . What is the pKa of ethyl butyrate? What is the G for this reaction? O O + NH 2 - K eq = 10 10 pKa (NH 2 - ) = 59 pKa (NH 3 ) = 35 pKa (NH 4 + ) = 10 G =
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3a. For each of the following compounds, draw the HOMO and the LUMO (make sure it’s clear; use separate drawings if necessary).
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