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Intercultural Communication In The Workplace Paper Intercultural Communication in the Workplace Paper University of Phoenix Cultural Diversity / SOC 315 Mary Hamilton July 27, 2006 Week Three Intercultural Communication in the Workplace Elaine Winters, a noted subject matter expert on Cultural differences and awareness says, "Few people seem to feel the need to truly face the underlying issues that cloud even the simplest of delicate, and frequently confusing, cross-cultural interactions." There is no doubt as to the many cultural groups around the world with different patterns of behavior, values, and rules. In the workplace, not establishing intercultural communication can be a very expensive mistake. This paper will review a scenario in which intercultural communication is an issue. In the process, we will diagnose the situation and provide strategies to help facilitate intercultural competence and avoid intercultural misunderstandings. The Scenario XYZ simplistic incorporated located in San Francisco California, has just transferred, and promoted a new Director of Operations from their International office in India. Although his full name is Rajamid Sodhi, he goes by the name Roger in hopes to better fit in within the American culture. Reporting to Roger is a young American woman named Jill Scott. Jill is originally from California and has only been with XYZ for three months and is eager to prove her self worth and value. Upon meeting Roger for the first time, she had a sense of a passiveness and studiousness. She immediately assumed Roger was a type "B" personality, smart, friendly, reserved, polite, and deeply religious. She also assumed Roger was married and not interested in romance. Roger and Jill talk for a little while about politics in America and interesting things to do in San Francisco and the Bay area. Being ambitious and seeing this as a potential networking opportunity, Jill takes the initiative and offers to show Roger around the city. She feels this will be a. .. NICE ONE Intercultural Communication in the Workplace Paper. This assignment asks you to describe, explain, and rectify a situation that illustrates an intercultural communication issue within a work environment. The paper should include the following: a. A full description of the communication issue. Describe the context, the principle players, and the outcome of the situation. Be attentive to verbal and nonverbal components in the experience
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you describe. b. A diagnosis of the communication issue. Using two outside sources, research the cultural norms of the principles players involved in the given situation. Explain how these cultural norms may have impacted the communication transaction. Bb Intercultural communication, also known as cross-cultural communication, is a description applied to a wide range of communication problems which naturally occur in an organization made up of individuals from different religious, social, ethnic, and educational backgrounds. It is also a study of how people from different countries and cultures act, communicate and perceive the world around them.
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Intercultural Communication In The Workplace Paper -...

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