IR handout - I CAQW Q60 Acltp/Oaf Absorption Bands...

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Unformatted text preview: I CAQW Q60 Acltp/Oaf Absorption Bands Characteristics of Substitution in Benzene Rings ' Type of ‘ Range (cm") 4 Substitution and Intensity“ " Remarks Momsut’smutw" and ) V Two bands; very characteristic of monosubstitution 2000—1700 (w) Four weak but prominent bands; also very v characteristic of monosubstitution A Ortho disubstitution 770—730 (vs) A single strong band ' 1950—1650 (vw) Several bands, the'two most prominent near 1900 and 1800 crn'1 ' Meta disubstitution 810—750 (vs) Two bands similar to monosubstitution, but the higher and 725—680 (5) frequency band is 50 cm‘1 higher, and the loWer is more variabie in position and intensity than in monosubstituted benzenes ~ 1930-1740 (vw) " Three Weak but prominent bands; the lowest frequency band may be broader with same structure Para disubstitution 860-800 (vs) A single strong band, similar to ortho disubstitution, , - but 50 em‘1 higher in frequency ' _ ‘ 1900-1750 (w) Two bands; the, higher frequency one is usually stronger 1,3,5-tris'ubstitution 865-810 (5) Two bands with-wider separation than mono- or . and 765—730 is) m—disubstitution ' ' . 1800—1700 (w) One fairly broad band with a much weaker one near ‘ 1900 cm" . 1,2,3-trisubstitution 780—760 (5) Two bands, similar to m-disubstitution, but closer in and 745—705 (si' frequency . 2000—1700 (w) , . Similar to monosubstitution, but only three bands 1,2,4-trisubstitution 885—870 (s) Two bands at higher frequencies than monos, m—di-, and 825-805 is) _ and the other trisubstituted compounds 1900-1700 (w) Two prominent bands near 1880 and 1740 cm" with a much'weaker one _bétween 'KEY! s = strong; m = medium: w = weak; v = very. Tabie.D-1 (From Silverstcin et. al.. pg. 163) '.., 1254?? 7.1% At“ rum-v- gw'rlln-q‘ Lvr‘égfi H H ‘ R H / \ / C=C\ /C= \ R R R ‘ H R Vinyl cis trans 1648-1638 cm" 1662—4626 cm" (v) - I678-l668 cm" (v) 995—985 cm"(s)‘ 730—665 cm" (s) 980—960 cm“ (5)“ 915—905 cm‘I (s) ‘ R . H R R R R \C=C/ \C_C/ \C C/ / \ / T \ = R H H R/ \R Vinylidine Trisubstituted Tetrasubstituted 1658—1648 cm" (m) 1675-1665 cm" (w) 1675—1665 cm" very weak 895-885 cm" (s). 840—790 cm" (m) or absent. ‘ W ‘s = stnong, m = medium, w = weak, v = variable. ‘This band also show: a strong overtone band. ‘Tlus band occurs near 1000 cm" in conjugated trans—trans systems such as the esters of sorbic acid. 71 IR ~IEU CON oov 000 com cow“ oooa coma oova . oomfl coo” 00mm ooom comm ooov muwumeoum camp moo 2:0. cwumdoumwo neon moo :10 '1 :Mumaonmcmuu econ moo mau couwuum Xummu aoumuum o-U\zJu wmafiuuflc ~mocxxam gouauum 2mo\omo an: . mouxzmuam souwuum mnflouov rnl mmcmxam nuuuuum mtommm ., momumeoum .wcwuwdo souwuum :cUNQm i mmcmxam soumuum :uomm I \u monsomsou ouufic aoumuuw 0:: mvaEm noumuum :12 Ill!!! mcflu oflumeoum zoumuum o-u modem :ouuuum 2-0 Iguana-:I-nlnnurlu * mewumao :uuouum ouu _ meHEm :oumuum :nz ‘: mandomeoo H>conumu couuuum Ono maocmzm ~maozouam .uum mto : mmzouo «anewuocsm coeeou wEom now mcoflmmm coaumu0m2< Hmowmzh .HH> mamma .auqumau yew vauwuawmmxu mum mcoqmmu also coca cu ooom unu cw mcofiuauomam may we zuwmcuucfi mnu uwsu muoz .unmsom ma casozm mcofimou Anon you paw amen mzu mam chHuQHOmnm umzuo ma cmhaumno ma awe mcofimwu suom HnEu 0mm 0mm "-20 coma ooo~ “.50 0mm Omo ooom ML5 oooH coflusuwumnamwuunm.m\d ~ cofiusuwumnsmfluulm.m.a cofiusufiumnsmwu-v.fl cofiusuqumnsmwv-m.a :ofiusuflumndmOC$E . OOON AIEU omw 0mm ~-au oowH wwcwucmm nousuflumndm :fi :Hmuumm coausuwumnsm ms» mcmzmwanmumm new Hnwmm: mcuwuumm.kufiflmucH .H> ugmcg IR 72 ...
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IR handout - I CAQW Q60 Acltp/Oaf Absorption Bands...

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