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Reflective Memo - • Paragraph development Are there...

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Reflective Memo As you prepare your reflective memo, consider the following areas in which you may have made revisions. You don’t need to mention all changes, just the ones you consider most important in the overall improvement of your essay. Caution is given against being too general or too specific. What did you change and why? Consider the following: Spelling, grammar, punctuation Do you often or always make these errors? Are you aware of these errors, or do you depend on someone else to point them out? Introductions, conclusions Do they work? Could they be better? Why did you have difficulty with them? Focus Did you strengthen your focus by making the thesis clearer? Organization Did you add or delete paragraphs? If so, why? Are your paragraphs in the right order?
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Unformatted text preview: • Paragraph development Are there enough appropriate examples? Does each paragraph contain a topic sentence and paragraph unity? • Word choices Did you add, delete, or change words that better describe or explain? Did you omit clichés and tired, worn-out expressions? • Peer editing suggestions How did you respond to the suggestions of your classmates? Did you change anything based on what others said about your work? • Strengths and weaknesses What are they? (Hint: If you had more time to work on your essay, what would you change?) • Other comments What was the level of difficulty of the assignment (scale of one to ten, ten being the hardest)? What do you think is the value of the assignment? Did you like or dislike the assignment?...
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