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The Company is IKEA The report question Your task is to write a persuasive submission on the IKEA company addressed to the Local Network. The goal of the submission is to propose recommendations to achieve compliance with two principles of the Global Compact. The two principles are number 1 and 8 In your own words, the Submission will: Review and present a selection of business practices and/or approaches from your company and other companies from similar industries that may be used to achieve compliance to the two principles of the Global Compact. Discuss both the positive and negativelessons learnt from these business practices and approaches. Develop business practice recommendations which will improve compliance to the two Global Compact principles. These should be based on the review you have undertaken and your understanding of the lessons learnt. Discuss the benefits, challenges and implications for key
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Unformatted text preview: stakeholders if these recommendations are implemented. Introduction -Who are they? What they do? -2 principles-Why are they important? Stakeholders -Who is the most effective by these two principles? -How are they affected by improving performance? Lesson learned -What has the company actually done? -How does it relate to the principles? 1. What can be learned from this example? 2. Your company (positive and negative) Recommendations -How to achieve your lessons and improve to the relation to the principles? 1. Step by step (at least one for each principle) -Benefits for the stakeholders -Challenges/Risk 2. Stakeholders 3. Company-How are you going to combat these risk? -Implication for the company 1. How is the company effected? 2. What they need to do/buy/organize/ to make the plan work Conclusion Very brief find attempt to convins us...
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report_structure[1]222 - stakeholders if these...

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