hw9 - E = E ˆ e z polarized along the z axis is H ′ =-μ...

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Chemistry 550 / 475 – Homework Assignment #9 due: Monday, November 28th at 5:00 pm Readings : Chapters 9 and 10 in Levine Problem 1 - Variational theorem. Problem 8.2 in Levine. Problem 2 - Hydrogen atom. Problem 8.16 in Levine. Problem 3 - Particle in a box [550 only]. Problem 8.32 in Levine. Problem 4 - Particle in a box. Problem 9.4 in Levine. Problem 5 - Electric feld perturbation oF Hydrogen. The perturbation Hamiltonian for the Hydrogen atom exposed to a uniform electrostatic Feld
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Unformatted text preview: E = E ˆ e z polarized along the z axis is H ′ =-μ · E =-(-e ) x · E ˆ e z = eE r cos θ, where E is the Feld magnitude and-e is the electronic change. Compute the Frst and second order perturbative corrections to the ground-state ( n = 1) electronic energy of Hy-drogen, as well as the Frst order correction to the electronic ground-state wave function....
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