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questionnaire - tation of that material For example(as...

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Chemistry 550 / 475 – Questionnaire due: Monday, November 28th at 5:00 pm Instructions: Please complete the following questions. You may leave your responses anonymous if you desire. Your answers will help make CHEM 550/475 a better course in the future. 1. Within what division of chemistry do you plan on pursuing your Ph.D. research? 2. What “course plan” do you intend on following? (“create your own” is a valid response) 3. Why did you register for CHEM 550/475? 4. What are your expectations for this course in terms of a) course material and b) presen-
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Unformatted text preview: tation of that material? For example (as extreme limits), would you prefer a mathematically challenging graduate-level core course in quantum mechanics tuned for physical chemists or would you prefer a more descriptional course filled with practical examples of the applica-tions of quantum mechanics in chemistry where little of the mathematics is presented? 5. Has this course, as it has been presented so far, met your expectations? If not, then please provide some examples of ways to improve....
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