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242 sample exam 2 - CHEM 242 SAMPLE EXAM#2 1 A reaction...

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CHEM 242 SAMPLE EXAM #2 1 A reaction showing the conversion of some vegetable oil to Biodiesel is shown below O O O O + CH 3 OH NaOH O O Biodiesel + Glycerine vegetable oil a. How many different biodiesel molecules would this reaction produce? b. Draw the structure of one of the biodiesel molecules that would be produced c Draw the structure of glycerine d. In this reaction what happens to the excess methanol reagent—How is it separated from the biodiesel product? 2. (10 pts) Sketch the NMR for the compound below: (Be sure to include splitting and integration) CH 2 CH 3 O H 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0
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4. (10 pts) Circle the compound(s) below (A-I) would give an NMR spectra that would consist of only singlets (it can contain more than one singlet but no doublets, triplets etc. would be present). Br Br Br Br Cl Cl CH 3 CH 3 O O CH 3 O O O CH 3 Cl Br Br O O OH OH A B C D E F G H I Br F F Br You suspect you have an alcohol You have done an 2,4 DNP test (negative), a chromic acid test (postive), and the IR shows an OH stretch at 3300 cm-1.
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