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CHEM 242 EXTRA QUAL NOTES: General Advice : Often if a derivative reaction doesn’t work you may en up just re-isolating your unknown from the reaction mixture—be on guard against this if you mp of your derivative matches that of your original unknown. This is especially true for carboxylic acids & amines derivatives. Often your derivative products won’t crystallize as they should. If crystals don’t form from the reaction mixture you usually need to cool down the solution and / or evaporate off some of the solvent. Alternatively, since most reactions end up in an aqueous solution, you can use an organic workup to isolate their product (i.e. extract the water with ether, separate the layers and evaporate the ether.) You do not have the option of to the sodium fusion tests (p. 464-5). You can use the Beilstein test to determine if a halogen is present but you will not be able to determine which halogen you specifically have. Aldehydes & ketone:
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