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1 Chemistry 461 Physical Chemistry Laboratory Summer Quarter 2011 Syllabus Instructor: Prof. Philip Reid, [email protected] , Bagley 202B, 206-543-6147 Office hours: by appointment Teaching Assistants: Joshua Patterson, [email protected] , BAG 002, 206-685-8443 Laboratory Supervisor: Bill Cusworth, [email protected] , Bagley 333C, 206-543-1207 Laboratory Sections – all in Bagley 333: Section A: MW 12:00-4:00 Prerequisites: A. Chem 162 or Phys 132 or a higher level laboratory B. Chem 455, Chem 456 (or Chem E 326) and Chem 457 (which may be taken concurrently) or Chem 452 and Chem 453. Academic Ethics / Cheating: Original work performed in good faith is assumed on all laboratories/exams/worksheets. University rules (Handbook, Vol. IV, Part 9, Chapter 1, Executive Order #61) define scientific and scholastic misconduct to include the following forms of inappropriate activities: Intentional misrepresentation of credentials Falsification of data Plagiarism Failure to adhere to this code of ethics will result in prosecution to the fullest extent (see http://www.washington.edu/students/handbook/conduct.html for specifics). In short, if you have not done something yourself, do not present it as original work. The data you record and report must be done by your own hand. This is relevant to all parts of your lab report, including the introduction, conclusion, and questions sections. It includes copying and pasting words and equations from previous labs of other students. Lab Safety: It is most important that you consider your own safety as well as that of others while you work in this lab. Goggles and a lab coat are required wear in the lab at all times! Shoes must be worn at all times (no sandals or open toed shoes) and no shorts or short skirts. You will be asked to leave the lab if you are not wearing appropriate clothing and eye protection and there are no exceptions to this rule. Safety precautions and waste handling procedures are outlined in the laboratory experiment write-ups. Also, you will be assessed a 5% penalty on your lab report grade for wearing lab gloves out of the lab. So please remember to take off your gloves BEFORE leaving the lab. Finally, if you have any questions regarding lab safety, please ask.
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2 Statistics Worksheet - due on day 3 of the first lab rotation: On the first day of class you will be given a statistics worksheet. It must be completed and returned by the third day of your first lab rotation. Many students find that the easiest way to complete the worksheet is to first read the Statistics Handout (“Treatment of Analytical Data”), which you can download and print from the Chem 461 course website (go to depts.washington.edu/chem/courses/ and click on the Chem 461 link). If you do not have a statistics textbook, this covers everything one needs to know to solve all the problems on this worksheet.
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