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MA15900 TEXTBOOK INFORMATION: No matter how you obtain the textbook it is. .. Algebra and Trigonometry with Anal. Geom. by Swokowski and Cole, Classic 12th Edition, Brooks/Cole (2010). And the page and problem numbers from the Assignment Sheet(Syllabus) on the MA15900 webpage should match up precisely There is more than one way to purchase the Textbook and WebAssign Online Homework access. 1) TO GET THE BUNDLED PACKAGE OF BOTH TOGETHER. .. Local West Lafayette bookstores near campus will have this bundled package. ISBN: 1111877203 If you order the bundled textbook package through Follett's bookstore, University bookstore, or elsewhere, then you should be fine. When you get the bundled package, then you will see the ISBN's for the individual components of the package are different than the ISBN above that applies to the whole bundle. Not a problem. a) The 3-holed punched textbook in the bundled package has a blue cover and the back of an airplane on the back of the cover. b) All the bundles I have seen also had the WebAssign homework access cards/codes. If
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