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WebAssign General and Specific Hints: For typing answers into WebAssign in the correct form, the best guides are the odd-numbered answers in the back of the textbook, the answers in the textbook's examples, the answers on the even answer overheads in the TuTh recitations, and the answers your lecturer recommends. **CalcPad in Webassign if you click on the various buttons on the "CalcPad" you will often see a menu of templates useful for typing in answers. There are ones for subscripts, greek letters, etc. Explore. NOTE: You can retake assignments and submit answers to most individual problems up to 100 times until the due date/time for the assignment has passed. SPECIAL NOTE: Multiple-choice, Matching questions, and a few others types of questions will have only a couple or a few answer submissions allowed. **All Online HW “A” assignments are always due at 9:30PM local time, West Lafayette time. **All Online HW “B” assignments are always due at 11:30PM local time, West Lafayette time.
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