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MA 22100 Assignment Sheet Spring 2012 Text: Technical Calculus with Analytic Geometery by Peter Kuhfittig, Fourth Edition, Brooks/Cole Homework is done online using CengageNOW http://www.ilrn.com. Unless you have used the system before you’ll need to register to get an account. The deadline for submitting homework is 11:50 pm on the day of the next class meeting. The bold questions below are not on the online homework system but they are still part of the syllabus for this course and may be examined on tests and quizzes. Do these questions with pen and paper but do not hand them in to your instructor. A one-line scientic calculator with logarithm and exponential functions is required. Graphing calculators or programmable calculators may not be used. Calculators which are capable of numerical or symbolic differentiation or integration are considered programmable and are not allowed. All graphs must be sketched by hand.
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