feb 14 - And Another Sense of Faith 1. Background to the...

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And Another Sense of Faith 1. Background to the New Testament (Covenant) 2. The Strongest Sense in which God is with Human Beings. God became a human Being -J: ‘Yahweh’ is used when Adam was still alive -E and P: ‘Yahweh’ is first revealed to Moses -The Hebrew word ‘Yahweh’ is a proper name, but it also has a meaning just like “Sitting Bull” or “Baker” or “Miller” -The significance of “Yahweh” (Lit. he is) is mysterious and disputed a. I am not going to tell you who I am. (Knowing the name of something gives power over it) b. You are not capable of understanding who and what I am c. I am the cause of everything d. I will be who I will be (Watch what I do, that is evidence for who I am.) -Jews of the Diaspora (Dispersion) don’t know Hebrew but want to read the Bible. -The Bible gets translated into Greek in Egypt in the third century B.C. (The Setuagint) -“Yahweh” (he is) gets translated into “I am” -Jesus implies that he is Yahweh when he says, “I am (what) I am” 3. ‘Yahweh’, ‘I am’, and Jesus 4. The Relation between Faith and Evidence -At least two notions of faith -Faith as a way of behaving (Abraham) -Faith as a belief in a proposition -A common view of Faith and Reason: -Faith and reason (and evidence) are incompatible -Irrational Faith -Faith that goes against the evidence -An unconditioned leap into the absurd -Nonrational Faith -Not rational faith. Not necessarily irrational -Evidence is neutral Rational faith -Faith is supported by Reason (and evidence) -Assumption -A belief is rational only if it is supported by evidence (“Evidentialism”) -What sense of support? -Deductive: Evidence guarantees truth of belief -Evidence that the Pope is wearing a red shirt; so the belief that he is wearing a shirt is guaranteed to be true -Inductive: evidence makes belief probably true: -Evidence that John lives in Salt Lake City makes the belief that John is a mormon probable but not necessarily true -Counterexamples: 1
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feb 14 - And Another Sense of Faith 1. Background to the...

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