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Math 13700 Mathematics for Elementary Education I Fall 2011 Coordinator: Renee Roames MATH 808 ph: 494-1929 email: [email protected] Course web page: www.math.purdue.edu/MA13700 Welcome to Math 13X00 courses at Purdue . The goal of these classes is to prepare you to be a knowledgeable and confident math teacher in the elementary classroom. We will strive for a deep understanding of the reasoning behind math processes. We will also strive to be able to clearly articulate math ideas using correct vocabulary. You will often be asked to explain your thinking or describe the process you use to solve a problem. Your future students will also need to know more than just how to come up with a number answer. Be prepared to show step-by-step math work and to explain your thinking clearly. Homework papers, quizzes and exams will be graded accordingly. Textbook: We will be using Reconceptualizing Mathematics Part I Custom Edition by Sowder, Sowder, and Nickerson, W.H. Freeman, 2010 because it provides activities, discussion ideas and questions that stimulate a deep level of thinking. It is a workbook that we will follow on a daily basis in class. Reading the section in the text before class is recommended to achieve a high grade in the course. We will sometimes use manipulatives to help us understand or demonstrate concepts. People have different learning styles and you may find the manipulatives useful in clarifying ideas. Because it will be important to use them in your teaching for the benefit of your students, you will gain valuable experience using manipulatives in this course. Calculators:
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137fa11groundrules - Math 13700 Mathematics for Elementary...

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