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Exam 3 #7 Fencing problem 1) Add all inches and divide by 27. Example: 22 + 23 + 36 = 81 81/27 = 3 But you would need to buy 4 sections to complete this fence. INCORRECT METHOD ans on exam: 2) Buy enough sections for each side. Example: 34 (2 sect), 40 (2 sect), 33 (two sect) But you could share excess pieces and buy 5 sect. INCORRECT METHOD
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Unformatted text preview: ans on exam: 8 3) Begin with two shortest sides and throw away useless leftover inches. Then share 5 sections among the remaining 3 sides. Answer: 7 ACCEPTED METHOD 4) Begin with the 3 longest sides and collect the excess inches. You will have enough to use for the 2 shortest sides. Answer: 6 ACCEPTED METHOD...
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