Syllabus BSC 3402L - BSC 3402L - Experimental Biology Lab...

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BSC 3402L - Experimental Biology Lab Algal Genetics and Signal Transduction Spring 2012 Instructor: Dr. Laura R. Keller Office: 211 BRF or 1067F King Phone: 644-5780 Office hours: 8-10 Wednesdays or by appt Assistants: Name Contact information Office hours Jennifer Ivey Wednesdays & by appointment Class Meetings: Regular lab/lecture meeting: Friday, 1:30 – 4:30 pm, 2071 King LSB Be prepared to spend the full time in lab each week so that you have ample time to perform the workshops, and to plan, set up, perform, and clean up your experiments. Required Course Materials and Resources: - Course textlet (available from Target Copy, 635 W. Tennessee) - Writing Papers in the Biological Sciences , by V. McMillan (available from FSU Bookstore) - An iClicker Catalog Description: BSC 3402L. Experimental Biology Laboratory (2). Majors only. Methodology of biological experimentation, data analysis, and reporting using selected topics (see academic advising office for selected topics offered each semester). Prerequisites: BSC 2010/L, BSC2011/L; CHM 1045/L, CHM 1046/L. Course Description: BSC 3402L is a course required of all majors in which students are introduced to an experimental system, and then guided through the process of choosing an independent research topic, filling in their background by reading primary literature, designing and executing a research project, and then presenting their results in oral and written form. Although the research topics vary depending on the faculty in charge of each section, the
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Syllabus BSC 3402L - BSC 3402L - Experimental Biology Lab...

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