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Guide to Reading the Scientific Literature and Assignments The main goal of research is to add to a larger body of knowledge about a subject area of interest. That means that scientists must know their field before they embark on a research project. They must read articles from scientific journals to understand what is going on in their field. Scientific journals publish both primary and secondary journal articles. Primary articles are written by the experimenter to describe research that they have done themselves and where they think it fits into the larger body of knowledge. Primary literature is always peer reviewed by experts in a particular field to try to ensure that the research that was done makes a valid contribution. Secondary literature is written by experts in the field and attempts to describe the current state of a particular field of research and the direction in which the field is headed. The review process is not perfect. There are many papers that contain flaws in logic or try to make conclusions that their data do not support. Thus, it is important to read the literature critically. Researchers use both types of articles to motivate the experiments that they choose to carry out. There are many online tools that can be used to search the literature. One of the best resources is Web of Science. You can access it through your university library website. Go to . Go to the side menu and click on Most Used Databases
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SciLit_Guide - Guide to Reading the Scientific Literature...

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