Assignment 2 - Herbicide biology

Assignment 2 - Herbicide biology - the following...

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Herbicide biology Assignment 2 Plant Biology, BOT3015, Spring 2012 Dr. Cui Due Date Before class on March 20 Objectives This assignment is intended to enhance your learning experience. Through this exercise, you should also learn how herbicide works and how to use it properly (to achieve maximal efficiency) and safely (both for your health and environment). Assignment Roundup and Paraquat are two herbicides widely used in agriculture. You might have used them in your garden for weed control. Please choose one and find out
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Unformatted text preview: the following information. 1. The active chemical ingredient 2. How it kills plants (the biological basis) and point out the subject(s) and lecture(s) that are relevant to this. 3. Whether it is selective or non-selective 4. How to use it for weed control if the herbicide is non-selective 5. Any health and environmental issues, if any 6. How much is used in your home per year Grading will be based on both the accuracy and comprehensive of the information....
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