final project chabba - Dedication We dedicate this project...

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Unformatted text preview: Dedication We dedicate this project to our Parents, Family Members, and Teachers and to each group member. Because; Whatever we are its because of our parents and Family Member. Our teacher makes us able to face different challenges and win those challenges. Last but not least group members, who support us a lot and contribute their full effort to make this project possible. In the Last, Special Thanks our co- coordinator Mr, Asad UlLah who helped us a lot and without whom it could might never possible. Acknowledgement We are grateful to ALLAH ALMIGHTY, for enabling us to fulfill this tiring, but interesting job for the completion of our report. The present project is submitted to Mr. Khalid Rasheed . We express our deep sense of indebtedness for his valuable advices and encouragement and for giving us very useful information that helped us a lot in completing this project. We also want to pay a bundle of thanks to each and every person who has put indeed effort to make this project possible. It is also our duty to pay thanks to our parents for the moral and financial support. Executive Summary Opportunity RICHEST CULTURE OF WORLD, PUJABI CULTURE CONTAINS SEVERAL DESSERTS AND APPITIZERS WHICH NEED TO BE PROMOTED AND TO PROMOTE THEM IN THE Page 1 BENEFIT OF FOOD LOVERS AND THE PROFIT OF AN ORGANIZASION IS ALWAYS BEEN A GREAT OPPORTUNITY. This opportunity of promoting those products like Lacha, Golla and many other traditional foods which are dying out from the food industry, is recognized by the owners of Chabba and they decide to launch this business in the city of foods, Lahore. The major reasons that cause these products to get die out are unhygienic and inappropriate procedures for their manufacturing. People have start believing that these products are unhygienic for their health, which is true to a great extent. Thus they are stop eating these products and now we can hardly see any person selling the traditional snacks including Lacha, Golla, Gol Cape etc. Although there are some restaurants in Lahore who are offering some traditional snacks but they are so much dispersed that people hardly consume them. Solution of a Problem Faran Ali, current CEO of Chabba, recognized this problem and a solution of promoting these products with their best quality in a healthy and traditional environment, in a cafe. For this he contacts his different university fellows, who got quite a good experience in their related professions. They all get together and develop a business plan for launching a new caf with a new product line ever. Business Model Business model of Chabba is quite simple and traditional. First, we identify and forecast the demand for the traditional products that are dying out in our country due to different reasons. For this we need an outlet, where we sell these products. Then suppliers will provide the vegetables, spices, milk, fruits etc. they will provide this raw material on the daily basis, in order to make the spices, milk, fruits etc....
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This note was uploaded on 01/18/2012 for the course ECON 501 taught by Professor Ibrar during the Spring '11 term at University of the Punjab.

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final project chabba - Dedication We dedicate this project...

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