Cooperation And Conflict

Cooperation And Conflict - of the team knowing that the...

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Cooperation And Conflict Co-operation means working together or, as defined by one dictionary `working together to share the profits’. Perhaps this is the essence of teamwork – that people put the team’s objectives before their own and share both the financial and psychological rewards of their efforts. Co-operation implies that individuals are committed and willing to be involved in the work they do, and that they are ready to share their skills and information with the rest
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Unformatted text preview: of the team, knowing that the others will reciprocate. People trust each other and encourage others to use their ideas. Everyone in the team is open about their strengths and weaknesses, knowing that they are accepted. This in itself places a great responsibility on the team to foster and maintain the spirit of cooperation and one finds that the members of the team remind and help individuals who may be falling behind with some task....
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