PB D - Petrous 1 Paul Petrous Ms Goodsitt English 121 Date...

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Petrous 1 Paul Petrous Ms. Goodsitt English 121 Date: 5/18/11 PB D: Field Research Step 1: Active Reading Notes After reading “Research Place,” write 1 sentence about each of the following: 1+ thing that confirms what you thought or already knew about interviews Our field notes are a rich source of data that we can select key details to create verbal snapshots. Everyone perceives things differently. 1+ thing that contradicts what you thought I never really thought observing a field site would be so in depth. I always thought you just look at your surrounding and take notes. After reading this I learned that there is a lot more to it. There are a couple different perspectives we must look at a field site from (emic and etic). 1+ thing that raises a question On page 2 it talks about a friend’s skin cream on a winter day in Idaho can transport us to a searing beach on the New Jersey shore. What causes us to see or smell something entirely new but it still reminds us of something else we have experienced? 1+ thing that confuses you I am slightly confused as to how Emily on page 9 created that circle graph. I kind of understand the over laps and where each person belongs but I don’t understand how that shows her connections with everyone else. I am confused as to how that map benefits her more than just taking bullet-
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PB D - Petrous 1 Paul Petrous Ms Goodsitt English 121 Date...

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