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English 121 at Eastern Michigan has been a very interesting class- I have enjoyed trying out many new types of writing- In my English classes in high school I only had to research online and never had to conduct interviews or observations- Every time I write a new paper in English 121 I always seems to be trying out a new genre out- I picked electric vehicles as my research question because I have always been intrigued by technology since I was a little kid- When I was younger my dad used to come home from work and tell me about all the cool things he did during his day at work- He was an engineer in the government and one of his main jobs was helping design cruise missile engines- These stories sparked my interest for new technology so when auto-companies came out with electric cars I wanted to learn a little more about them- Electric vehicles are really cool and the technology behind them is so advanced it is insane!
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This note was uploaded on 01/18/2012 for the course ENGL 121 taught by Professor Compii. during the Spring '08 term at Eastern Michigan University.

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