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Electric cars are going to replace conventional cars in the near future. The consumer’s demands have forced automakers to change the way they develop cars. Electric cars are the answer that automakers have came up with to satisfy these strict demands. The two main factors that separate electric vehicles from conventional cars are their fuel efficiency and low pollution. It is obvious to see that conventional cars are beginning to fade out. Conventional cars run purely on gasoline and they do not get good enough miles per gallon to please consumers. With gas prices going up, fuel efficiency is a huge demand for consumers and convention cars are just not cutting it. The easiest solution for auto-companies to prevent drivers from having to stop so frequently at gas stations and empty there wallet to fill up there tank was to develop a vehicle that runs on something other than gasoline. This is why auto-companies began creating electric vehicles.
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  • Spring '08
  • CompII.
  • Internal combustion engine, Automobile, Electric vehicle, electric vehicles, conventional car, conventional cars

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