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RE 1 Brainstorm Story: explain how dad play a big role in me becoming an engineer. Talk about stories he told be about his job. Issues: electric cars, cruise missiles, alternative energy sources. Explain types of electric cars and benefits, Explain effectiveness of cruise missile engines. Talk about disadvantages and research another military weapon and advantages of that weapon List different types of alternative energy sources. Explain why alternative energy is important (non renewable energy compared to renewable energy) How I chose my topic: Out of all the research I did on each topic I learned a lot of new information on the development
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Unformatted text preview: of electric vehicles and wanted to continues researching and finding out more information on them. Conclusion topics Why electric vehicles will benefit us. Which type of electric vehicles will be the best option. 2 people to interview: My uncle working for GM, and an engineer working for an auto company that is currently developing electric vehicles. 2 places: Ford Plant in Dearborn, and another auto company location that is working on the development of electric cars....
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