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RE 1 - Petrous Paul Petrous Ms Goodsitt English 121 16 May...

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Petrous Paul Petrous Ms. Goodsitt English 121 16 May 2011 RE 1 Throughout my life I have had many experiences that have made me the person I am today. I grew up with a very big family and I have learned that people encounter many problems daily. I am very understanding when I hear someone is having a problem. I also love being around people and am very sociable. I am very hands on and love solving problems or doing various projects. My problem solving skills can be seen in my everyday life because in my free time, I enjoy doing various puzzles such as Sudoku and crossword puzzles. All of these qualities are great for someone pursing an Engineering degree. The main reason I want to become an Engineer is to follow in the footsteps of my dad. He graduated from Wayne State with a degree in Electrical Engineering. He recently retired from the government after 35 years. Throughout his time with the government he oversaw many different projects. The biggest project that he worked on was the development of Tomahawk Cruise Missile Engines. I am very familiar with this project because when I was younger he would come home from work and tell me about the various problems that he had throughout the day and explained how he overcame the problems. I always found his stories about working with cruise missile engines very interesting and slowly started to realize that Engineering would be a great career path for me to pursue. There are many new issues and developments being worked on by current engineers just like the projects that my dad worked on during his time with the government. Some of the issues and problems that are currently
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Petrous being worked on by engineers today include are Tomahawk Cruise Missiles the best weapon of choice for the US military, what type of alternate energy is the most effective and cost efficient how important will the development of electric cars be in the future? One of the issues that currently that is currently being discussed is whether or not the Tomahawk Cruise Missile is the best weapon of choice for the government. Some key factors that make the cruise missile so effective are that the cruise missile is very accurate and can travel long distances. It flies at a very low altitude trajectory. By flying at a very low altitude it is very
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