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IAH 202 Lecture 3 - for slaves Slaves brought over to...

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Quiz next Thursday on everything covered so far. Might include map quiz Olaudah Equiano 1745-1797, - bought is own freedom - became an activist against slavery overview of slavery in world history: slavery in world history -many whites came to America as indentured servants - in the 19 th century, ¾ of the world population was in some form of servitude -slavery was widely accepted, seen as normal feature of everyday life - slavery becomes a slave trade - whats modern in the slave trade is its scale (capitalism) and nature (racism) - Main point- the atlantic slave trade expanded dramatically in the 18 th century, ………. Why do we call it the atlantic triangle? - Europeans give slave traders in Africa gun powder and things like that, in exchange
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Unformatted text preview: for slaves. Slaves brought over to Americas to work on plantations.-16 th century-19 th century-Mostly in the 18 th century (50 thousand a year) Where do slaves go?-Only 2 percent went to north America in atlantic slave trade-45% go to Caribbean-More than 40% go to brazil-Spain and Portugal dominated slave trade early on then france and engalnd dominate it later on Economic Demand:-Plantaions: overseas settlement that produced stable crops that were farmed by slave labor, and were owned by colonial settlers from Western Europe.-Each plantation was about 200 acres and had 100 slaves The slave trade and racism:-Main points: racism as an ideology that justified legitimated the harsh realities of slave trade-...
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