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- Silvabeta believe that Indians should be slaves (monk) o “The difference between them and us is as different as the difference between men and monkeys” - Del das casas did not agree (monk) - 1476 Columbus arrived in Portugal - Columbus wanted to make the “natives” believe in Christianity - 1492, Columbus lands in Cuba and Espanola. o When he arrived, Columbus refers to as affectionate people. o Brought some of the natives home and left some of his men there. o Men left there were from the lower end of Spanish people looking to make a quick buck. Set up plantations and forced Indians into slavery Indians revolt against them and slaughter them. - Cortez: o On of the first conquistadors o Uneducated man. Tried to study law but got bored. o 1519, set sail to Mexico
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Unformatted text preview: 11 ships, very few men. Within a year was still able to bring down a Power Aztec Empire. Used the fear of technology Steel weapons Gun powder Horses, used for flanks which slashed the attacking infantry Disease, small pox. o Europeans were immune to these diseases. o Biggest weapon for Cortez Good native support. Supported Europeans because Natives had strong resentment against other tribes so they helped Europeans destroy others. o The population of Mexico was near 25 million before Cortez showed up. After it was conquered it was at 17 million-Pizaro o Conquered Peru and Chile from Incas o Incas were in a civil war and Pizaro exploited that o Also disease was a big factor....
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