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Solutions Guide: This is meant as a solutions guide. Please try reworking the questions and reword the answers to essay type parts so as to guarantee that your answer is an original. Do not submit as your own Cost Accounting 8e Foundations and Evolutions Kinney and Raiborn Ex. 32 pg. 826 chapter 18 Xcaliber manufactures high-end flatware. One of the crucial processes in flatware production is polishing. The company normally operates three polishing machines to maintain pace with the upstream and downstream production operations. However, one to fht polishing machines broke yesterday, and management has been informed that the machine will not be back in operation until repairs are completed in three weeks. Two machines cannot keep the pace with the volume of products flowing to the polishing operation. You have been hired as a consultant to improve
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Unformatted text preview: the throughput of the polishing operation. Discuss the tactics you would recommend Xcaliber to employ for handling the capacity limitation. The first consideration would be to keep the two remaining polishing machines operating at peak efficiency. To do so would require that all flatware entering the polishing operation be defect free. Thus, one would want to be certain that there is a quality inspection that immediately precedes the polishing operation. Further, one would want to recommend that the two remaining machines be properly maintained so that no additional breakdowns will occur while the third machine is being repaired. To gain additional capacity, one could rent a machine from a vendor, or outsource some of the polishing to an outside firm....
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