4 - Although it is not consistent with reality a widespread...

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Although it is not consistent with reality - a widespread belief that large organizations. The explanation is that they are built of small departments, teams, there is a mass of many people in the same capacity and same place . Mid-2000 : 1 . The information revolution - the Internet, until not long ago, workers had to submit reports on paper and then transferred to print, after the printed transfers managers. Characteristics of the information revolution period : 1 . A lot of money to companies - realized that companies have a future . 2 . Shortage of workers - universities do not produce enough people to fit many roles . 3 . Urgency - the competition between companies to dominate the market, work quickly because of the competition . 2 . Globalization (related to the information revolution) - Today things are different, with the click of a button, we send and share information with dozens of people who can be a different physical place, - Change the World . You can extract the relevant information needed to market online . Result of the revolution is not necessarily the company works in one place, could cooperate between physically distant firms. The world is becoming a village area of the game is not local but universal - globalization . 3 . Affect the personal lives. The market is changing rapidly, there are many layoffs, less stable, people live huge salaries and then a year without work, life and other completely. Today there is a trend of financial savings that result due to uncertainty about the future. Overall, today has returned to the method Tyler; measure the employees in achieving power, we summarize the discussion at this point and conclude this review by the employee's condition did not become clear: good or bad, but, becomes more significant and the point becomes higher . Mechanism of human resources : The mechanism is the former name of the Human Resources Department. This is something mechanical mechanism that contributes to the factory (heuristic approach), then came the name of personnel, employees have the power, are large masses bureaucratic organizations, today seen as a resource worker. For a prosperous economic society in its field and sell the
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products she needs resources: financing, raw materials - exactly the same way also the worker is a resource. companies can develop financial success coaster with an idea that grew from someone within the company, the dependence on human power, thinking, motivation is great. they say that the worker is a resource, there is something that is not true that he is just like money or raw material , is a human being. Man must learn, must be considered in understanding, opinion, attitudes, feelings and desires. We want to arouse in him the motivation. working with people has to know them and know their various symptoms . There are three levels: (We will treat all levels, but will focus on the first two
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4 - Although it is not consistent with reality a widespread...

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