5 - .brings the banana he knew what to do The difference...

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brings the banana, he knew what to do . The difference between Phase 1 and 2? 2 was thinking, the brain process and was back on the action . Sultan took the approach of using objects to hit the target and the second time was not annoyed at his inability to hit the target, he found the means to correct . Characteristics of the learning process : 1 . Suddenly - an experience we understand how to solve a particular exercise. There was a stage of trial and error, he suddenly realized the full solution, partial solution was not the way . 2 . Back - you could repeat the solution again and again without going through the process, then once he understood the principle and can skip this step and shouts nervous bringing the banana . 3 . Transfer Option - the researcher started playing with it, where a large box and put a banana in the ceiling of the cage, Sultan took the big boxes and small and mounted. He realized that he had the principle that something far away and he should use measures to shorten the distance. Sultan was the principle he knows to use it in every situation . Extension: Cognitive learning - the process of a sudden change in perception and understanding of the relationship between stimuli, but the process of change may not have to be expressed in behavior. The main experiment of Koehler's approach is and chimpanzee "sultan". In this study learned sultan get a banana that was far out of her hand. Koehler called the process undergone by the sultan: insight, it is argued that we organize our minds at the data) the various stimuli and the possible links between them). The result of the internal organization process in this case also expressed in the external process (reaction of the sultan), but it is not necessary to have an outward expression. On - according to the definition of the cognitive approach to learning is : Process, that information is acquired and saved him, deliberate and decide what will be studied later . See the following chart the properties of the degree of insight : Differences in approaches :
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Behaviourist learning - a relatively permanent change in behavior as a result of experience . To understand perception is that something automatic and active . Fish: all stimuli (stimulus - something which caught the senses) that come to our senses, for example the pressure of the shoes, the feeling of clothes on the shoulders, contact the chair in different parts of the body, at room temperature, the smells in the room, what is being said, noise, light in the room. All of the things mentioned are stimuli received by the senses, they were absorbed without intermission. Did not notice these things before we were talking about it now . That's the difference between the absorption of stimulation and perception, some processing is done, something was said and drew attention to him. Have an interest in understanding how our brain deals with these things
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5 - .brings the banana he knew what to do The difference...

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