6 - .basic discipline and something extra Very difficult to...

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basic discipline and something extra . * Very difficult to do without punishment, fish: Spaces, people get punished when parked in a no, we parked there because it is more convenient and close, if we accept monetary compensation where we're supposed to park - no good . Disadvantages punishment : 1 . The punishment does not provide in itself a substitute for - the sentence tells us what not to do is not tell us what is, in contrast to positive reinforcement. Therefore, one unwanted behavior may replace other unwanted behavior . Example: A child Mng'z water or, when being shouted at, he would like changing the behavior and asks juice. Another example: we try to punish can be delayed then we will increase absences . 2 . In certain circumstances the penalty is liable to fix unwanted behavior. Circumstances are that when we punish conduct that has no control. Punishing children for bed wetting, blushing, stuttering, and more . Parent will punish the child for stuttering, it's likely only increase the stuttering . 3 . Could hurt relations between punishing punished. Fish: do not like cops, cop is the one that comes along and gives the parking tickets, police aware of hostile relations develop between her and the public, the public keeps the law but the police just having a negative situation. Punishment may damage the relationship, this phenomenon can not be prevented but can be reduced. Sometimes we take this as fair, trying to figure out what caused a person to punish. Systemic level of organization, can make information about adopting these measures . 4 . The danger of generalization - is not something typical only for punishment but also to strengthen the positive, the person learns not only about the unwanted behavior, but a little to include this different behavior. Fish: If you read her daughter teaches through violence, the child began to hate reading but also to learn. Inclusion has received penalties at work; reprimand, at, ignored and end hate my job and not just what we did as our tardiness . Effective punishment conditions : 1 . Just enough: a matter of trial and error to find the quantity that provides used for punishment. Fish: a fine of 3 not cause us not to store, if the fine
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would be a 5,000 it being outraged public - disproportionate punishment. Compromise is a punishment for 100 , seemed reasonable and fair . 2 . Handles: punishment should be administered as soon as possible after the commission of the offense or after the discovery of the offense. Unlike the situation "Wait Wait till your father comes ". 3 . Verbal punishment will focus on condemning the act and not man: not come and say verbal punishment "You're selfish" if we display the situation that happened and our feeling is completely different approach. Know to make a separation between the unwanted character traits actually. Crises in the relationship may result from an accumulation of anger caused by the wrong punishment . 4
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6 - .basic discipline and something extra Very difficult to...

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