9 - parents must not be broken, if after an hour of...

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parents must not be broken, if after an hour of screaming he gets, he gets Fixed - the basis of time. Let strengthening each fixed time period; every hour, every week. For example, we can look at a monthly salary as a class of set menus, this is a positive reinforcement that can be fixed profit. Do people work differently depending on the time distribution of salaries? Just before receiving salary we work more, it proves that this really reinforces the behavior, after receiving salary may be a decrease in motivation to work . Variable profit menu - the basis of the time. We say that on average once a month review there does not mean that just come every month, but after two days or several months . Menu slightly improves the problems that a month without criticism, that's an advantage of this menu . Menu fixed ratio - the basis of frequency of behavior. Possible behavior of Measurement / her that the product measurable . Example: A mother says her son, if you arrange the room three times in a row you get a gift, then gift is consolidation. Behavior that the mother wants to strengthen is arranging the room, waiting will only be given after 3 times he tidied up the room, not after each time. This is not a fixed space by time maybe it will take months, years, days, is keeping it relative to the number of times the behavior appeared. As it can be any number of employees on certain sales he'll get a bonus. Difficult to measure all the things he did to sell, the behavior is the result of the sale. Consolidation there is constant relative to a desired behavior or immediate result of the desired behavior . There is a connection between the reason I do this several times - at the end there is an incentive . Menu about changing the basis of frequency of behavior. On this respect we are reinforcing the behavior performed but not clear when / Will we get the reinforcement. The reinforcement can be in relation to this act that we make more than the probability that our behavior is reinforced is increasing . Example: lotteries, whether I know Scshasr I'll send more cards so I turned up the chance? Yes. In this sense it is used to strengthen, addicted to gambling demonstrate the result - increased gambling . Useful reinforcement in the business world : - All promotions, are all based on reinforcement menus .
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Example: "Buy a garment and fashion sunglasses accept a gift" (not included in the "Buy 2 at 1 .(" Sometimes they tell us to collect coupons, should send a certain amount and then have a lottery. This menu varies and this relation that the award is uncertain, any submission increases your chances of winning but the proportion is still changing . - If the gift is guaranteed and with her participate in a lottery, this combined operation of the menu relative to a fixed or variable. Psychology works so that if the prize interested so I have more incentive to buy this product. Such promotions usually successful and more people buy the product . Random reinforcement - strengthening cases
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9 - parents must not be broken, if after an hour of...

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