13 - remembered. There is a difference between ignore...

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remembered. There is a difference between ignore history and to punish for something that happened and finished. Example: if we filled our debt to society for improper driving, so we did something and we were caught, we got a penalty if it was double the previous offense - it was a problem . - OB MOD operant conditioning: A method that is used in organizations to improve performance, reinforcement of certain behavior should be are easily measured quantitatively, or is not appropriate. We want to reinforce behaviors such as strengthening the speed of typists, typist, measured by the amount of words per minute . Principles of the method : 1 . Set the desired behavior: improving typing speed . 2 . Check the level of the base so we can measure the level of improvement . 3 . Set a target for improvement, after we know how we're doing now, we want to increase the number of words typed per minute . 4 . Select reinforcement . 5 . Design - "SHAPING": reward desired behavior gradually depending on the behavior and proximity to the target. If the goal is 25 words per minute, that does not mean rewarding only when we reach 25, you can also middle. Like to train a dog to open the handle, for the first time give him a cookie he was just coming to the handle, the second time they say to do this so that the nose touches the end of the process . 6 . Evaluate the program periodically; see what worked, whether real target - trial and error . Any improvement will lead to Persia and then people do not improve just to show they work well. As low-wage training to reach the accepted wage work in this field. Should ensure that this is behavior that can be easily measured and observation. Case of a student who likes this method and wanted to implement it in the hotel, he wanted to encourage the waitresses to be nice and welcoming to customers. Nice this is hard to measure, this method is not suitable to abstract things, but things can be measured quantitatively . 2 . Observational learning - MODELING: refers to learning of behavior (not the brain processes). Social approach based on the environment, she sees a major process of imitation, and recognition (cognition), that is - we choose what to imitate, in fact investigating the learning of different behaviors in a
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social context. We learn not only what people tell us or reward us, much we learn that we saw in someone else (model). Education of children claim a child learns the behavior of parents, we want to direct this kind of learning in a positive way, to internalize this learning intervention is required . Example: There are many ways to speak, whether we learn to be different professors from sitting in lectures? The answer is yes and no. The university has a norm that to be a university professor should only vocational training and lecturing . World Executive - Managers think they can take an employee who worked
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13 - remembered. There is a difference between ignore...

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