14 - The Golem effect - so called negative result. Without...

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The Golem effect - so called negative result. Without feeling that we are different from those that we have high expectations - and can be a different attitude, expectations can be seen even by the time look at the facts . More effects of the Pygmalion effect : Example: A manager does not trust its employees, she thinks they are stealing hours, she was asking people to spy. It creates expectations taken in, very difficult to change these people's expectations, the principal creates a circle of such behavior, once she was not at all run and do not want to work . Perception: causal attribution: the process by which we saw the result / behavior, and we guess the reason . Attribution: This is the kind acts of giving commentary, discussing the attribution of causal reasons are discussed attachment to the behavior. Observed behavior is a delay, the reason for attributing to her is traffic, contempt (attribution is an explanation, no excuse .( This is significant because the reason we choose to attribute affects all decisions regarding that person, the ways that stretched his future behavior . Consider, for example a process you do with criminals, sometimes sending them a test officer and probation officer's job is to write a summary to the judge and describe the factors that caused the violence, attributing the reasons can affect dramatically the punishment he receives. It just might be that he was in jail depending on the attribution be performed, for example if his mother got sick, that's what made him do the violent act he did . Example: why students failed the exam in math ? Internal: lack of learning, not a talent for mathematics, blackout External: There's a strike, the lecturer is not good, hard sphere, the test conditions (air conditioning, light, wind, noise ( The first distinction I make is to ask myself is whether this depends on the person or his environment . There are three dimensions for reference : 1 . , This happens because we judge ourselves . The reasons attributed are relevant to the employee evaluation process. Director evaluation process gives the employee's performance score, as
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indicating that gets Boarding / reduction. Reference manager makes the employee's work is very significant. If the employee fails due to reasons not under his control, it will not affect the employee's evaluation negatively. If the manager thinks because the employee was lazy (internal and unstable) would be other consequences . Courts, when you send something to probation officers, she writes many reasons criminal act, if the officer chooses to describe internal stability reasons as the person has criminal and violent personality, it is likely that the punishment will be heavy. If the reasons are external and unstable much was happening in his family and he had a lot of crises, will be the judge have mercy on him and lenient . Locus of control - internal / external: Over time there is a specific reference
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14 - The Golem effect - so called negative result. Without...

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